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The NSO Group group also sold the surveillance technology to Mexico on condition that it should be used only against criminals and "terrorists", yet some of the country's most prominent journalists, academics, human rights lawyers and criminal investigators have been targeted. On August 1, Amnesty International released a report that said one of its employees was baited with a suspicious WhatsApp message in early June about a protest in front of the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC.

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The London-based human rights organisation said it traced the malicious link to a network of sites tied to the NSO Group. An official source at the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs has stressed that the Ministry is following with great concern media reports that talked about the use of Israeli companies and their technologies by high-level government bodies and personalities in the United Arab Emirates to spy on states and personalities, including Qatari government figures by hacking their mobile phones.

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  7. About Privacy Contact. President Obama announced new restrictions this month to better protect the privacy of ordinary Americans and foreigners from government surveillance, including limits on how the N. But he did not address the information that the intelligence agencies get from leaky apps and other smartphone functions. And while Mr. Obama expressed concern about advertising companies that collect information on people to send tailored ads to their mobile phones, he offered no hint that American spies have routinely seized that data. Nothing in the secret reports indicates that the companies cooperated with the spy agencies to share the information; the topic is not addressed.

    The agencies have long been intercepting earlier generations of cellphone traffic like text messages and metadata from nearly every segment of the mobile network — and, more recently, computer traffic running on Internet pipelines. Because those same networks carry the rush of data from leaky apps, the agencies have a ready-made way to collect and store this new resource. The documents do not address how many users might be affected, whether they include Americans or how often, with so much information collected automatically, analysts would see personal data.

    The British spy agency declined to comment on any specific program, but said all its activities complied with British law. This document from , redacted in places, is one of several undisclosed classified documents provided by Edward J. Two top-secret flow charts produced by the British agency in showed incoming streams of information skimmed from smartphone traffic by the Americans and the British.

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    MMS refers to the mobile system for sending pictures and other multimedia, and http is the protocol for linking to websites. As the program accelerated, the N.

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    Even sophisticated users are often unaware of how smartphones offer spies a unique opportunity for one-stop shopping for information. Smartphones almost seem to make things too easy.

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    Functioning as phones to make calls and send texts and as computers to surf the web and send emails, they both generate and rely on data. Such information helps mobile advertising companies, for example, create detailed profiles of people based on how they use their mobile device, where they travel, what apps and websites they open, and other factors. Advertising firms might triangulate web shopping data and browsing history to guess whether someone is wealthy or has children.

    The two agencies displayed a particular interest in Google Maps, which is accurate to within a few yards or better in some locations.

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    This document from May , redacted in places, is one of several undisclosed classified documents provided by Edward J. In another example, a secret page British report dated included the computer code needed for plucking the profiles generated when Android users play Angry Birds. The app was created by Rovio Entertainment, of Finland, and has been downloaded more than a billion times, the company has said. Most profiles contain a string of characters that identifies the phone, along with basic data on the user like age, sex and location.

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    One profile notes whether the user is currently listening to music or making a call, and another has an entry for household income. Google declined to comment for this article, and Burstly did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

    Saara Bergstrom, a Rovio spokeswoman, said the company had no knowledge of the intelligence programs. Bergstrom said, referring to the N.